B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences


The Department of Anatomy at BPKIHS was established with the medical college in 1994. The postgraduate program in the department was established in 1999. Currently the department runs MS and MSc. Anatomy as PG courses in addition to the regular classes to Undergraduate students.

The Department in addition to the teaching activities and Research also conducts Cytogenic Laboratory providing chromosomal diagnostic services to the patients suspected with genetic disorders and CML patients. Prof. CB Jha is the In-charge of the lab.

The department has plans to increase the faculty strength with addition of Sr. demonstrators and tutors and strengthening the departmental instruments and library. Up next is the upgrading of the Cytogenetics lab in order to establish Molecular Cytogenetics both for experimental as well as clinical research work. A window for genetic counselling is also planned to be established. There are also plans to extend anthropometric studies in multicentres and to proceed for establishing standardized anthropometric data bank for normal individuals in this part of the country. The department also plans to further proceed with establishment of National Centre on Anthropomentry.

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