B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences

Basic and Clinical Physiology

The Department of Basic and clinical Physiology at BPKIHS was established with the medical college in 1994. The postgraduate program in the department was established in 1999.

The Department successfully continues to excel in the fulfilment of its objectives of Teaching Activities, Research and Hospital Services. Currently the department runs MD , MSc. & PhD in Basic and clinical Physiology as PG courses in addition to the regular classes to Undergraduate students. Hospital services are provided in form of Clinical lab services (EEG, NCV, EMG and VEP) and patient centred care services through Yoga and lifestyle clinic. Besides, the department also provides expert consultation service in many physiological processes and lab service arising during the care of the patients. The department further plans to develop BPKIHS Basic and Clinical Physiology as a national center for training in applied Neurophysiology in addition to continuing and further strengthening the current departmental activities.

Creating History: PhD started in the Department: As a result of 7 years of initiative taken by Prof. BH Paudel, the department has been running PhD program since the academic year 2011-2012. Prof. BH paudel and his team including Dr. R Khadka from his own department along with Prof. S. Rijal, Prof. ML Das and Prof M Lamsal of the institute developed PhD program Guidelines and PhD prospectus.

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