B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences


Established along with the medical college in 1994, the Department of Microbiology imparts the medical expertise to the postgraduate students of the department and the undergraduate students. The PG program started in 1999.

The department undertakes various researches and regular publications in addition to UG and PG teaching learning activities. Department of microbiology is a service department, which undertakes diagnostic laboratory services for the hospital, catering to the population of eastern region of Nepal mostly through Central Laboratory Services (CLS). Currently the CLS is under direct supervision of the department of Microbiology since 2011. The department routinely monitors the water sources in the campus and the outside water supplies to test the suitability of water for drinking purposes. Besides routine diagnostic tests for bacteria, viruses, protozoa, parasites and fungal infections, it also performs Japanese Encephalitis diagnostic laboratory and TB laboratory services. JE diagnostic laboratory is the reference laboratory in the eastern region of Nepal. CD4 + count services are also performed. Emergency lab services are also provided by the department.

The department plans to establish laboratory for HIV opportunistic infections, H. Pylori detection and molecular laboratory with RT-PCR facilities in addition to strengthening the current resources and activities.

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