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OPD Services

Out Patient Department (OPD) Services at BPKIHS runs daily from Sundays to Thursdays (Full time) and on Fridays (half day). The OPD runs for half a day on selected Public Holidays too.

Patients get services through General OPD and Special OPD at BPKIHS. Patients get comprehensive care at the general OPD and are referred to special OPD if specialized care is needed. Special OPD comprises of all major and minor departmental services including services from the Dental College. Super-speciality services are also run by departments.

OPD Services are provided for general check-up and comprehensive care; Pediatric and adult chest, heart, gastro-hepatic, neurological and endocrinology; general and specialized surgery; female health problems and obstetrics care; skin and sexually transmitted diseases; mental health issues and de-addiction; pre-anaesthesia check-up Orthopaedic check-up and surgery; head, neck, ear and nose clinic; eye clinic and whole range of oral and maxillofacial services.

Super-Specialized care is provided by each department in the form of super-speciality clinics. Medicine OPD runs tropical and infectious disease clinic, adult chest clinic, cardio clinic, diabetes and endocrinology clinic and gastro-enterology and hepatology clinic. Urology and Gastro-biliary surgery are run as different super-speciality clinic under General Surgery. Well baby clinic, immunology clinic, Nephrology, Neurology and Genetics clinics are run by the Pediatrics department as a part of enhancing super-speciality care. Infertility clinic is run by the Gynaecology OPD. Vertigo clinic is run by the ENT OPD. Separate Leprosy, Allergy, Sexually Transmitted Disease, Dermatosurgery and cosmetology, pigmentary, pediatric and geriatric skin disease clinics are run by the department of dermatology. Pain clinic is run by Anaesthesiology. Ophthalmology OPD runs Glaucoma, Cornea clinic, Diabetes and Retina clinic.Super-specialized services have been made available by the department of Orthopaedicsin form of Spinal surgery, Hip surgery, Knee surgery, orthopaedic oncology, pediatric orthopaedics, Traumatic surgeries, Illizarov Procedures, Bone marrow densitometry and Rehabilitation services.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation, Speech Therapy, Yoga clinic and De-addiction clinics are also fully functioning at BPKIHS. With an average of around 1000 patients per day at OPD, the service remains the busiest but nevertheless most effectively run with the presence of the huge manpower and expert consultants and experienced staffs.


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