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Established along with the MBBS course in BPKIHS on 1994, the postgraduate program at Department of Pathology was established in 1999.

Department Pathology undertakes teaching learning activities to Undergraduates and postgraduates in form of Structured Interactive Sessions, Laboratory Exercise, Journal Club, Subject and Gross Seminars, Slide seminar and interdepartmental conference. Routine reporting of histopathology, cytopathology and hematology by consultants on a daily basis forms an excellent opportunity to teaching learning activities. The final year PG students also undertake one month departmental visit to AIIMS, which is a value added experience in special laboratory techniques viz. immunofluorescence, flow cytometry and electron microscopy. Regular research work and publications has always been a part of the departmental activity.

Hospital services have been provided in form of Histopathology, Cytopathology (FNAC/USG Guided FNAC/CT guided FNAC/PAP Smears/Fluids/Sutum/BAL), Hematology (all lab services), Special staining and chemistry, Cyto Special Staining (AFB/PAS/Mucicaramine) and Cytochemistry (MPO/PAS/Sudan Black). Immunohistochemistry (B-cell, T-cell, CD stains, desmin, ER, PR, EMA, NSE, Thyrogobulin, CEA, AFP, etc) is also done.

The department plans to introduce Blood Bank Service in addition to strengthening the current services and academics.

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