B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences

Radiodiagnosis and Imaging

The department was established in the year 1994 along with the medical college and the PG degree

The department imparts radio-diagnostic and imaging expertise to its residents through its central and emergency radio-diagnostics lab equipped with various recent and hi-tech radio-diagnostic modalities. Regular academic activities (radiological physics lectures, case discussions, short cases, topic review, Journal presentations, Subject and Gross Seminars and Interdepartmental conference) are held for PGs besides the regular undergraduate teaching learning activities. Regular research works and publications are highly prioritized.

The department has been regularly conducting workshops and seminars. Recently it hosted the 5th SAARC Congress of Radiology too, which was a mega success. The department plans to acquire Gamma Camera for nuclear scintography, DICOM and PACS, Digital Fluoroscopy and C-arm for non-vascular interventions. Besides academic strengthening, plans have been proposed to start M.Sc. Radiodiagnosis, M.Sc. Medical Physics, PhD in Radiodiagnosis, PhD in Medical Physics and short term fellowship courses in different sub-specialities of Radiology.

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