B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences

Radiology and Laboratory Services

Radio-diagnostic services at BPKIHS run through advanced digital radiological equipments. Services provided are digital X-rays, Mammogram, IVU, MCU/RGU, Venogram, Barium Studies, T-tube cholangiogram, Sinogram, Fistulogram, HSG, USG, CT Scan, MRI, Sialogram and Doppler services.

Fully automated clinical chemistry analyser (Roche Hitachi Cobass C3-11) has been installed in CLS for routine chemistry test, therapeutic drug monitoring and immunoassay. Biochemical tests like TFT, TSH, fT3, fT4, PSA, PRL, LH, FSH, CA-125, B-HCG, ANA, DNA, ADA, Hb-F, Hb electrophoresis, serum electrophoresis, etc. are provided by the biochemistry department alongside the routine biochemistry lab services.

In the laboratory, through the department of Microbiology, various bacteriological, parasitological, mycological, mycobacterial and serological tests are also done along with the CD4 count service. Culture sensitivity, staining procedures, Microscopy, Stool occult blood, Blood for Malaria parasites (PS and QBC) and microfilaria, Bone marrow/splenic aspirate for LD bodies, Optimal, rk39, DAT, and a wide range of immunological services for different diseases are performed.

Histopathology, Cytopathology (FNAC/USG Guided FNAC/CT guided FNAC/PAP Smears/Fluids/Sutum/BAL), Hematology (CBC, Urine for RE and Ketone Bodies, Bence Jones Protein, Pregnancy ELISA, Semen Analysis, Body fluid analysis, AEC, ESR, Retics, PS, BT, CT, PT, aPTT, HbF, Osmotic fragility, Coombs test, Glood grouping, G6PD, BM Cytology, PS for Cytology, etc.), Special staining and chemistry, Cyto Special Staining (AFB/PAS/Mucicaramine), Histo special staining (AFB, PAS, Giemsa, Oil Red O, Masson Trichome, Congo Red, Reticulin, Melanine bleach, Iron stain, Gram’s staining, etc.) and Cytochemistry (MPO/PAS/Sudan Black). Immunohistochemistry (B-cell, T-cell, CD stains, desmin, ER, PR, EMA, NSE, Thyrogobulin, CEA, AFP, etc) is also done.

Clinical lab services like EEG, NCV, EMG and VEP are run by the clinical physiology department. Cytogenetics lab is run by the department of Anatomy. Refraction, Perimetry, Biometry, USG and Optometry services are provided by Ophthalmology (Laboratory). Audiological tests like PTA, Impedance, ABR, HAT and other special tests are done by ENT department.


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